Jan 17, 2010

Golden Globes Precious Mania Begins

Kim Porter and Sean Combs twin daughters D’lila Star and Jessie James are my god babies and I love those little girls so much. They are truly angels that love unconditionally. Kim is a great mom and a great friend. We have known each other since my days growing up in Atlanta Georgia where I attended Lakeshore High school along with the distinguished Pastor Creflo Dollar. Whenever I am in LA I visit Kim and the girls at her beautiful new estate which her friends have dubbed “Pretty Peach Palace”. So during my first jaunt to LA for the new year I stayed at the palace and really enjoyed spending quite time with the girls. I read them their favorite book the “Doobies” which was created by my friend NV Magazine owner Kyle Donovan. The Doobee’s uses bees to teach kids that they can be whatever they want to bee!

I attended the Lionsgate party at the Beverly Hills hotel for the movie Precious which is a film that I support and was very much apart of that was produced and directed by Lee Daniels who I produced my first 2 films “The Woodsman” and “Shadowboxer” with. Precious is a adapation from the book “Push” written by Sapphire. After she saw the movie Shadowboxer she decided to allow Lee who had previously expressed interest in the book the right to turn the book into a film trusting him after many others had approached her over the years for the rights to do the same only for her to refuse.

While I was working as Mariah Carey’s PR and Brand Strategist working on her wildly success Emancipation of Mimi album which yielded her enormous success and ultimately became the biggest comeback in the history of music one of my main area’s of concentration was spearheading the restoration of her acting career. The movie Glitter was not something I felt should be allowed to define Mariah’s acting ability which I knew had tremendous depth and luster.   I introduced Lee Daniels to Mariah for the sole purpose of hoping he would share my vision for finding the right role to allow her pedigree to shine in a way Lee was known for doing. Lee was able through his relationship with Mariah to coax potential investor Gary and Sarah Magness into funding his film Tennessee (and later Precious as well) which Mariah agreed to star in. My vision for the restoration of her acting career was underway. The film was made then Push was next up and Lee found a role for her in that. Precious went to Sundance with a lot of buzz as all Lee’s films do but this time Oprah and Tyler got wind of the buzz after Amber Rasberry saw the film and pushed Tyler to do the same. Afterwhich he rang lee and said this moved me how can I help. Oprah followed suit. Lisa Cortes who has been on Lee’s Team since Monsters Ball as have I was a vital part of his journey. I raised the money he needed for the Woodsman by bringing Damon Dash to the table as the primary investor of the film. It was a lifesaver for Lee and a much needed lifeline for Damon who was in the midst of transitioning as well.  Lisa was the glue who held everything together for Lee for many years. She has since ventured out on her own. We attended the Precious Lionsgate party together as sisters in Christ who support each other and oddly enough as each person approached us both we would hear so what brings you here? I guess that’s the new way of saying Why are you here and what do you do? It felt good for her to respond I am the executive producer of the movie and for me I said I had a hand in the many layers of the evolution and eventual birth of Precious…next stop Oscars!