Jan 31, 2010


Kim Porter, Estelle, Marvet BritoI had so many productive meetings in LA. My side passion as a film producer is really beginning to blossom. Being a visionary allows me to apply my skill set to a plethora of offerings and I take full advantage of each blessing. So I had my usual whirlwind of meetings as I octopus my way through life as what I call a talented slash publicist/brand strategist/film producer! Met with one of the most influencial men in Hollywood and took mental notes as I always do. Less talking more digesting the food I was being fed.

While in LA we designed a lunch in anticipation of Estelle’s highly anticipated follow-up album “All of Me “at Philippe Chow hosted by Kim Porter and attended by some fab media, tastemakers and influencers. We previewed tracks. We had a fun and festive time celebrating an artist who is emerging and ready to bring her cutting edge swagger to a whole new level.