Jan 1, 2010

New Year, New Decade, New Mindset

This New Year allow an HONEST real ASSESSMENT of your life to lead to real ADVANCEMENT! As you can only truly grow if you are clear about where you are then you can craft the steps necessary to taking you where you want to be.

Lord I THANK U 4 the GIFT of another year as I enter it with humble & heartfelt praise EAGER 2 receive the blessings u have n store 4 my LIFE. After the removal of people & things that don’t add value 2 my life via BAD FRUIT I pray that God REPLENISHES & RESTORES GOOD FRUIT THAT WILL add value. When God Shakes your tree and bad fruit begins 2 fall u will say  ”NO Lord NOT THAT one!” YES as those disguised 2 do GOOD may cause you harm Fruit that falls from the tree “When it Shakes” is BAD FRUIT that has lost it’s ability to nurture the core root of the tree When God Shakes your Tree trust that he will remove people u LOVE, ADMIRE, WORSHIP & COVET but IT IS necessary 2 advance your life from it’s current state! As you Pray this prayer u have to be willing to let go of the PEOPLE & THINGS who God will remove based on what’s best for you.

My annual New Year’s Prayer has always been, Lord I pray that u will shake my Tree removing the people & things that don’t add value to my life! I’m so thankful you are guiding my life as we share beautiful moments together. Lord please continue to elevate the Standards of Excellence in my life. THIS NEW YEAR Let your VISION serve as your GUARDRAIL! Wherever it leads is solely up to you! New Year RESET = Whatever your internal Thermostat is set to is what your life will gravitate to it’s called your Mindset as Every Caterpillar creates his own cocoon If we all do an honest assessment of our lives we can see the handicap’s and advantages all around us it’s just simply which one rules our lives The New Year is about a Rebirth and a Reconnecting of core principles that you will allow to GOVERN & GUIDE your life! I’m ready for the new fruit that God has in store for me this year!