Feb 8, 2010

On This Rock Jewelry

On This Rock Psalm Cuff

On this rock Jewelry line inspires me. Created by Janet Hill a former book editor who quit her job to follow her passion and calling to help change lives through creating art with a message and a meaning. Everyday as I journey through this crazy business when I wear one of her pieces from her collection I am reminded of my strength. It’s like my armor which serves as a constant reminder of who strengths me. It also makes for the most perfect gift to someone you love! The disciples did a lot of fishing in the bible but in John 21:11 it mentions the number 153 and it’s the only time in the bible that it mentions how many fish they caught. I view it as the number of abundance so I share the necklace with all my loved ones as reminders of what we can do if we stay centered in Christ! Over my many years as a brand strategist I have worked with many Jewelry lines that have gone on to reach mammoth success. Jacob the Jeweler and Mimi So to name a few. So I know how colossal this line is poised to become and I am happy to support it!