Oct 10, 2011

Christmas and New Years 2011

The Christmas holiday is my favorite time of year. Not for the traditional reasons but for the symbolic reasons that are truly the reason for the season…the glorious birth of our savior. The New Year for me represents the birth of new beginnings and what better way to start the year than surrounded by those you love. I spent time in the islands on the pristine beaches soaking in what sun could be found and preparing my heart and spirit for a bountiful 2011. Every year I meet wonderful people on vacation folks who become lifelong friends. There is something about the relaxed atmosphere of the tropics that allows for fruitful meaningful relationships to be cultivated. 2010 marked an amazing year of mountains and valley’s for me but I am thankful that I ventured into new terrain and added another layer to my pedigree by being blessed with the opportunity to be sought after by the most distinguished Presidents, Governors and Prime Ministers of our day! I realized that the only limits that exist in our lives are those  that we create for ourselves and with that I remain inspired and filled with the hope that I am the author of the only dictionary that defines me. I profess that I am a true child of God whose fearless spirit and burning desire to be the change I want to see will fuel me towards even greater heights in 2011!