Oct 10, 2011

Curtis Martin’s Wedding

One of the most venerated men I know tied the knot to a women he truly adores. There are moments in time when you feel blessed to witness the joining of souls of those who were brought together in the true spirit and core values of the marriage covenant. Curtis and I have been friends for many years. He has always been character in action. He defines and embodies all the attributes of the most perfect partner and by displaying that allowed me to see that it was possible to obtain. He taught me that discipline is essential and the basis of all relationships. The root of knowing what you want and not settling for less is key no matter how long it may take to find. He reflects the simple principles of what a man be. He clearly topped and ranked #1 on may single ladies most eligible bachelor list. Not only because he is charming and extremely handsome but because he embodies what God had in mind when he created a partner for Adam in Eve. Someone who is compassionate, loving and selfless. Curtis’s unyielding friendship has allowed me to understand that respect was something that women deserved and should command at all times but should also embody. He also taught me to not compromise my desires. Character is displayed in how he treats his friends so I know his marriage is going to be one that many will seek to emulate. New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and I shared a tender moment talking about what Curtis means to the both of us. I was pained over the anguish he seemed to still be feeling over the unfortunate sudden loss of his daughter Casey. The mood of the evening was still as that reflective moment filled our hearts.