Oct 15, 2011

Governor Paterson on Saturday Night Live

This was a big moment in history for me as many in the Governor’s camp did not think he should appear on Saturday Night Live. I knew as the first black Governor of the State of New York that it would be crucial to the repositioning of his brand as we began to plan and transition him for life after office. There were so many misconceptions swirling about David Paterson that I felt his appearance should be a small reflection and symbolic of the man he really was. I called the SNL creative team of Lorne Michaels and Executive Producer Marci Klein (daughter of Calvin) and shared my concept for the appearance. They agreed with my vision and the booking was made.

The entire cast including Fred Amison who plays the Governor (to perfection I might add), and my favorite Tina Fey was a pleasure to work with and welcomed the Governor with open arms. He was warmly embraced and instantly felt the love from the entire SNL team. When the Governor received his script he went to work to perfect it and was thrilled when the writers from SNL loved his comical additions. In the end the jokes he added got the biggest laughs.

He was worried not to condone the previous jokes made at the expense of the blind community. He was able to raise the consciousness of the handicap community while being mindful of the sensitivity that exist. This historic booking was one of my proudest moments of 2010.