Oct 15, 2011

Salt n Pepa Rock the Mic for Oprah

Of all the years that I represented Salt n Pepa, landing an Oprah performance was always a top priority that didn’t happened until the final season when she finally decided to pay homage to Rock icons including Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, and Sister Sledge. Patience is indeed a virtue along with the years of planting and watering seeds planted along the way. The stage was now set for the girls to make their first and only historic appearance on the final season of the show and Oprah loved them, I mean she really loved them.

She had not been one to embrace rap artist apart from those who crossed over into film so this performance was indeed special on many levels. I also had the chance to meet Sister Sledge a group I grew up loving and singing in the mirror to as a young girl. You could NOT tell me I wasn’t Kathy Sledge. We had the noses and all! Having met her and have her actually be aware of my work was an amazing feeling. Something to be said about growing up as a child filled with dreams visions and passions only to have those you admired and whose work you appreciated along your journey reciprocate the same. Overall this booking was one of the highlights of my career!