Oct 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

This year I started my day at the Bowery mission which I have done many times over the years. My Mother came along this year as she has always wanted to be of service in this way to those less fortunate. Her genuine compassion and concern for others is an attribute I cherish most in her as she has instilled those and many other life defining values in me since birth. One thing she taught me at an early age is that in life you will be served to the degree you can be of service and you will be blessed to the degree that you can be a blessing in the lives of others. While it was a tearful time spent seeing the faces of the underserved many of them homeless standing in the rain hours waiting for a warm meal it left me fulfilled and humbled beyond words. I was thankful for every blessing and more importantly every lesson that God allows me to learn each day. The Holidays are truly all about family and Thanksgiving is a time of warm fellowship. It’s a time of sharing heartfelt memories from the past while looking forward to the unveiling of new one’s. I spent time in the chapel reading aloud the many prayer requests that were submitted and felt encouraged by the hope that embodied those who were struggling yet were still clinging to the unyielding faith that God would see them through their circumstances. The rest of my day was spent in Long Island with my second family the Bernard’s.