Dec 15, 2011

Heavy D’s Funeral

This was a tough day for me as I attended the services for someone very dear to me, Dwight “Heavy D” Myers. Never in my life have I seen more respect shown for the burial of someone from the hip-hop community.

After having attended more than I care to recall, I was so proud of the way that the City of Mount Vernon executed the procession from the church to the burial ground. Every street we passed, every entry AND exit to the major highways were blocked. The part that I could not believe was that state troopers stopped all four lanes of traffic ON THE HIGHWAY. I have never seen a highway called to a complete stop for a funeral procession EVER and I have attended and witnessed the services of many legends and dignitaries. What that signifies is that he lived a life of respect and that he was revered in life and death.

I don’t know another rapper that could have sustained the winds of that which would have come with the request of being shown that level of respect and homage. They would have found a way to use one shred of that person’s past to cast doubt as to why they didn’t deserve that kind of royal send off – but not our Hev – no, Dwight Meyers was held in high esteem by everyone who encountered him and those who simply heard of his wonderful life…….It said to me that every person and every signature that had to sign off on that level of governance and support, every city, every county and the entire WORLD had nothing but LOVE for Heavy D in just the same way the Hip-Hop community did!

I will miss my friend and he will NEVER ever be forgotten!