Jan 16, 2012

Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey Limited Edition Launch Event

We designed the launch event for the Hip Hop culture book, the only anthology that chronicles the 4-decade history of the burgeoning culture of Hip-Hop. I was selected to design the launch event for the coveted 420-page masterpiece and I was honored to do so. After having worked with iconic Hip-Hop pioneers such as Salt N Pepa, Foxy Brown, NAS and EVE I knew I wanted this event to truly reflect the spirit of every person whose handprint could be found on the culture.

Kurtis Blow

Book’s editor, Jordan Sommers

I selected my favorite New York City venue, 230 Fifth, which plays host to some of the city’s finest events. The room was filled with celebrated luminaries from a myriad of influential sectors. Kurtis Blow, Dougie Fresh and Big Daddy Kane performed as guests took a journey through 4-decades of the globally embraced culture of Hip Hop.

Doug E Fresh and I

We all reminisced to that point in our lives when we were first introduced to hip-hop. Whether it was through the infectious beats, the impressionable fashions or the lingo that filled our neighborhoods, we all shared fond memories of the day that hip-hop culture pierced our hearts.