Jan 17, 2012

Mikki Taylor’s Book Launch

I attended the launch of the book Commander in Chic. It is a luminous collection of antidotes that truly personifies and unveils all the wonders of being a fab, chic, diva like Mikki Taylor. Mikki is one of the most elegant, polished and refined women I know. As cover editor her handprint has left an indelible mark on each and every Essence cover over the last 2 decades. She transformed every subject with ease and magnified each in ways that unearthed a microscopic lens allowing the world to see them in ways they had yet to discover themselves. Mikki is a true pillar of grace whose warm smile, wisdom and passion hovers above her persona like a cloud does the sky and pierces your heart in ways that leave you gasping to inhale more of her intoxicating aura.