Jan 17, 2012

Trumpet Awards 2012

I attended the festive and entertaining Trumpet Awards show in Atlanta, Georgia. The Trumpets have always been one of my favorite award shows created by the courageous Xernona Clayton who worked alongside Ted Turner for many years. Xernona created the Trumpet awards as she saw a void of award shows that truly celebrated the achievements and accolades of African-American business and creative professionals. I rarely get an opportunity to get back to Atlanta, (a place where I was raised) so every year I try hard to attend the Trumpet Awards and this year being the 20th anniversary of the show was no different. This year I had several clients involved. Ambassador Nicole Avant was honored as the youngest Ambassador appointed to the Bahamas. Estelle performed Thank you and a medley alongside musical peers and powerhouse vocalist Ann Nesby and Kim Burrell. Tyrese Gibson was honored with the Pinnacle award and Earth Wind and Fire, Emmitt and Pat Smith, Ted Turner and Mayor Cory Booker were also honored. My highlight of the show was when honoree and show supporter since day one Ted Turner recounted the day when Xernona asked him if he would air and fund the Trumpet Awards. He shared that he was always as owner of CNN the first to arrive in the office and the last to leave. He said the same about Xernona. He said she would be the lone person there when he arrived and toiling into the wee hours with him at night well past the time when all other workers had departed. It was that passion, determination and work ethic that made him quickly without pondering agree to support her vision when she asked if he would not only air the show on his network but fund the show as well. He has been doing so since it’s inception. He ideally allowed for this important platform that celebrates and honors African American achievement to be birthed and for that Ted Turner we thank you!