Jan 17, 2012

Trumpet Awards 2012

I attended the festive and entertaining Trumpet Awards show in Atlanta, Georgia. The Trumpets have always been one of my favorite award shows created by the courageous Xernona Clayton who worked alongside Ted Turner for many years. (more…)

New Years Eve 2012

2011 ended with me being grateful for the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed upon my life. This NYE was spent in Miami with my family and with my girlfriend Kim Porter and my God Babies Jesse James and D’Lila Star at the Star Island Estate of their Father Sean “P Diddy” Combs. (more…)


I attended the launch of my friend Rona’s collection Coquette Atelier being added to the highly coveted clothing haven of Bergdorf Goodman. Rona has been a style icon and vintage collector for decades and this achievement culminates her many years of hard work and dedication. (more…)

Mikki Taylor’s Book Launch

I attended the launch of the book Commander in Chic. It is a luminous collection of antidotes that truly personifies and unveils all the wonders of being a fab, chic, diva like Mikki Taylor. Mikki is one of the most elegant, polished and refined women I know. (more…)

Swizz Beatz Lotus Car Launch

A swanky party was held at my favorite event space the IAC building where Swizz announced the partnership between himself and luxury automaker Lotus. I have watched as this creative juggernaut has stretched his wings and grown from the young man I met producing chart topping songs for his uncle’s label at Ruff Ryders to his evolution as one of our cultures most prized marketing treasures. (more…)

Jan 16, 2012

Steve Harvey Louis Vuitton Watch Launch

Having known Steve Harvey over the past 20 plus years I was thrilled to see he and his darling wife Marjorie hosting the watch launch of the Louis Vuitton collection of exceptional timepieces. (more…)

VH1’s Divas

I love the Diva’s event as this is really the one place where all the melodic soulful women of the music industry get to fellowship and honor the old and new alike on one stage. (more…)

Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey Limited Edition Launch Event

We designed the launch event for the Hip Hop culture book, the only anthology that chronicles the 4-decade history of the burgeoning culture of Hip-Hop. I was selected to design the launch event for the coveted 420-page masterpiece and I was honored to do so. (more…)

Art Basel

Art Basel is the most celebrated haven for art lovers. My favorite exhibit this year during Art Basel were the hip-hop portraits taken by artist/photographer Jonathon Mannion showcased and sponsored by Reebok.

Thanksgiving 2011 at the Bowery Mission

Another year, another Thanksgiving spent at the Bowery Mission serving the homeless. I get no greater feeling than filling the hearts and souls of the disenfranchised who line up year after year for prayer….a hot meal and a bag of clothes to support their ongoing journey faced with the social ill’s that plague our world.