Dec 15, 2011

Heavy D’s Funeral

This was a tough day for me as I attended the services for someone very dear to me, Dwight “Heavy D” Myers. Never in my life have I seen more respect shown for the burial of someone from the hip-hop community.

Dec 12, 2011

Butch Lewis’ Funeral

When someone passes away who was full of such life it is never easy in fact it is one of the most difficult things to expierence. Butch was a beacon of life for many, his bright smile, warm heart and words of wisdom were a gift for all who knew him. He was not only a legendary boxing promoter but a man with the depth of an endless well. (more…)

Oct 10, 2011

Curtis Martin’s Wedding

One of the most venerated men I know tied the knot to a women he truly adores. There are moments in time when you feel blessed to witness the joining of souls of those who were brought together in the true spirit and core values of the marriage covenant. Curtis and I have been friends for many years. He has always been character in action. He defines and embodies all the attributes of the most perfect partner and by displaying that allowed me to see that it was possible to obtain. He taught me that discipline is essential and the basis of all relationships. (more…)

Oscar Joyner Wedding

I attended the most stunning traditional Ethiopian wedding of Oscar Joyner and his gorgeous bride Alem Gola. They married at the historic in Miami. Eric Benet and Tamia were on hand to lend their angelic voices to a glamorous affair. (more…)