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Feb 20, 2010

The Doll and The Designer

Christian Louboutin BarbieI have always been known for my great shoe collection so it’s only fitting that my first style entry pay homage to my favorite shoe designer Christian Louboutin. I am embarrassed to say how many pair’s I own but I will say I am certainly on a first name basis with him personally, all the boutique managers and the PR folks worldwide! Nothing like a great red sole to help you make it through the day. I had the pleasure of meeting Christian during a dinner in his honor that I attended with Kim Cattrall a few years ago during fashion week. I love him so much when my dear friend Kim Porter asked her friends to suggest names for her newborn son she asked what we thought of Christian I said YES! Then I suggested Casey and his name was born…Christian Casey Combs!

HAVING created a pair of his classic peep-toe shoes in Barbie hot pink for Barbie’s 50th birthday at New York Fashion Week, Christian Louboutin’s collaboration with the doll continues.

Acting as a muse to the famous footwear designer, the doll has not only inspired a series of photographs featuring her spending time with Louboutin (at his studio, in his country house and on his boat), she has also prompted the designer to customize three dolls.