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Feb 7, 2010


Marvet and Cherelle

I headed to Miami excited for the work I had to do but always happy to receive that good ole vitamin D they have in store. The town was abuzz with who dat fever! I had several corporate clients in town and they were ready to enjoy the festivities. That meant daytime and nighttime activities for me and I had to juggle them both. This is the Oscars of the corporate world where the convergence of brands meets the consumers with a mixture of celebrities in between. I spent some quality time with Bob Johnson and his amazing girlfriend, he is so smart and has so many great projects going on. I also had great dinners with friends, and colleagues watched the game with Tom and Donna Joyner at their oceanfront estate “Bella Donna” with my sister Cherelle in tow and had an overall great time in Miami! Nothing like getting game play by play from football greats Curtis Martin and Emmitt Smith who attended as well. Happy that the city of New Orleans won the game they need to feel energized after such a difficult time post Katrina.

Jan 8, 2010

It’s a New Season, It’s a New Day!

A FRESH ANNOINTING IS HEADED MY WAY! It’s a season of power and prosperity it’s a new season coming to me! This year like most in my life will be yet another busy one. Why? Because I don’t wait for opportunities to come my way I create them. I read, study and submerge myself in and around the culture of Branding and PR one that I have chosen to study until I master and even them I will strive to learn more. The most important aspect of being a brand strategist is my ability to first identify what is lacking and then create a blueprint that will create the components necessary to accelerate the clients positioning. The DNA of each brand is unique therefore the need to craft strategies specific to that brand will always be necessary for it to grow. Simply said there will always be the need for a strategist to help a client reach their desired positioning. Even in light of the economy and the state of emergency we have found the field of PR there will still be a need and a desire to seek out seasoned strategist. So I spend my holiday vacation conceiving new strategies and ideation that will be woven into the fabric of every client’s brand this year. The anticipation of a new season always overwhelmes me as I can never wait to unveil the creative energy I have stored and crafted and can’t wait to apply.