“Has the ability to market silence and the world would listen…”

Marvet BrittoMaverick, Visionary, Charismatic, Dynamic – are just a few of the attributes that embody PR and brand strategist Marvet Britto. As Founder and President of The Britto Agency, an internationally embraced public relations and brand architecture firm, Britto has become an unparalleled presence in a milieu of sectors, catapulting her burgeoning business into a global publicity, marketing, brand strategy, and event-design powerhouse.

Britto will captivate you with her infectious energy, ambition, and passion-qualities that permeate deeply throughout all of her endeavors. Over the past sixteen years, Britto has grown her firm from a mere vision to one of the most recognizable PR and Branding conglomerates in the world. The Britto Agency represents some of the most venerated brands spanning a hybrid of disciplines. Today, Britto is a global brand renowned for impeccably combining her talent, creativity and intellect to enhance the attributes of her clients all while having received no formal training in the field of PR. Ruminating over the state of the media, athletics, music, and film industries, Britto saw the urgent need for a firm that furthered the innate talents of their clients beyond the scope of their media visibility. After further canvassing the world of PR, Britto realized a great void in the industry, “There weren’t any PR firms in existence that handled every aspect of their client’s careers and overall development that had extensive relationships along with core competencies in varied industries,” states Britto.

Since no other firms came close to her prescient vision, Britto sought to revolutionize the PR industry by harnessing her resources allowing her scope to change the face of PR; challenging her to fill this great cavity and establish a firm that would relentlessly elevate the standards of excellence exceeding clients expectations. While working various jobs, handicapped by the absence of entry-level opportunities, Britto was undeterred by the magnitude of challenges that lay before her in an attempt to enter the world of PR. Her smoldering entrepreneurial drive conquered all odds and propelled Britto towards achieving what many believed was a fruitless journey. Britto brought her novel approach and labored tirelessly to carve a pathway through the labyrinthine industry of PR. For two years, she rigorously studied at – what she affectionately dubbed – “Barnes & Noble University.” Without fail during her daily jaunts she found a corner of the bookstore and combed through books she could not afford to buy while evading the glare of the overzealous sales associates. Throughout the two years, she spent seated on the bookstore’s floor, voraciously reading all pertinent business literature related to the field she wished to enter; she began to unravel the mysteries of the PR industry and sought to incarnate the great attributes of the leaders whose success she hoped to mirror. Setting out to create her own path, Britto had no forewarning that one day she would master the very same industry in which she could not secure a job as an apprentice. Britto, observed A-list media events from the sidelines in an effort to learn the mannerisms and protocol of the business. Little did she know, she had already embarked on a journey that would transform not only her own life, but also an entire industry including the lives of those whom she sculpted along the way.

Fortified with her self-taught knowledge, sharp instincts, and uncanny ability to forecast trends; this oracle began to parlay her innate talents as a visionary and mentor too many, to a more defined role. Britto became a catalyst for change when she realized that through careful management of everything from wardrobe choices and media placement to lifestyle patterns and endorsement opportunities, she would become a conduit to those seeking to expand their personas into brands. With the moral support of her family and friends who proclaimed that she could “market silence and the world would listen…” the eager contrarian’s metamorphosis was well underway. In 1994, The Britto Agency was born and it quickly became a prodigious commodity in the field of PR, by catapulting the multifaceted worlds of corporate, entertainment, sports, fashion and events design to overwhelming heights. She laboriously pioneered a new wave of PR practices based on her own peerless ideation that proved to be a stark contrast to the landscape around her. Her ideologies resulted in concepts that allowed the firm’s clients to achieve exponential growth while simultaneously developing their brands along with their personal goals.

Britto’s expertise at elevating brands to prominence enabling them to remain relevant throughout time has earned her the moniker of “The Ultimate Brand Architect,” by world renowned media outlets. Since the firms inception Britto has created blueprints for an expansive client roster that has included: award-winning actors Kim Cattrall, Angela Bassett, and Hill Harper; broadcast personalities Star Jones, Ananda Lewis, and Judge Glenda Hatchett; professional athletes including NBA All-Stars Stephon Marbury, Jermaine O’Neal, MLB Outfielder Gary Sheffield and NFL great Curtis Martin and Dwight Freeney to name a few. As if this assemblage of talent was not enough of a testament to this strategist’s ability to build brands, corporate giants such as Microsoft, Gateway, and Intel all witnessed innovative product launches under the watch of this maverick. She was the fountainhead of the dynamic campaigns that revolutionized Martell Cognac and led to increased product sales while establishing a philanthropic presence. She repositioned Payless Shoe Source from cheap to chic, and orchestrated the wildly successful Motorola 2-way pager which reached climatic sales heights for a new product launch. Under her tenure recording artists such as Foxy Brown and the best selling hip-hop trio of all time, Salt ‘N Pepa, were the first hip hop group to secure endorsement deals from Cover Girl and Calvin Klein respectively.

Her tremendous work with the best-selling female artist of the millennium, Mariah Carey, set records and led to the biggest comeback in the history of music reinforcing Britto as the foremost authority on brand acceleration. She provided the blueprint that magnified Mariah’s fortitude allowing her to evolve into a new era of her professional career. Britto’s potent strategies and golden insights were the undeniable difference in repositioning Mariah, placing her atop music charts, and changing the public’s perception while converting the music prodigy into a style icon for the first time in her career. The Britto Agency developed an explosive branding campaign, which resulted in an astronomical 3.7 billion media impressions and a stellar reemergence. Britto was also the driving force that enabled Mariah to land starring coveted roles in the film Tennessee and the critically acclaimed award winning film Precious. In collaboration with her then producing partner Lee Daniels, Britto revitalized Mariah’s film career.

The alchemist who cultivated the brands of numerous talented individuals expanded her portfolio to the corporate sector as the brainchild behind the coming to life of the “Rise Above Campaign” which elevated Martell Cognac into the spotlight as a leading brand desired by today’s tastemakers. Britto conceived the “Rise Above Awards” which paired flourishing entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, and journalists with the brand; igniting it’s dedication to social responsibility. Britto’s keen sense of community inclusion translated into the new vision for Payless ShoeSource. She masterfully introduced the company to new markets and garnered significant media attention for the reenergized campaign by highlighting Star Jones who served as the spokesperson and enlisting high fashion organizations to support strategic events, successfully recalibrating it from its “fashion right, value priced” positioning to the leader of the “cheap, chic” trend. Britto’s relentless energy, her ability to conceive ideas and her creative genius was a solid force behind the successful line of shoes and apparel “Starbury” created by basketball great Stephon Marbury making it one of the most successful and highly recognizable apparel launches by a sports star. Her handprint on the brand is evident in it’s foundation and astronomical success.

Given her literary inclination and depth of relationships she was the compelling force that led award-winning author’s, Actor Hill Harper and All-Star Outfielder Gary Sheffield, to land coveted book deals and later write national bestselling books that have inspired people of all ages worldwide. Britto’s ingenuity and vehement vigor naturally propelled her towards film production. Britto was Co-Executive Producer of the bold and unconventional film, The Woodsman starring Kevin Bacon alongside Kyra Sedgwick. The critically acclaimed film received colossal reviews in prominent media outlets such as: The New York Times, People, Rolling Stone, Time Out New York, and the Hollywood Reporter. Britto’s second production, Shadowboxer, marked the directorial debut of Lee Daniels, (producer of Monster’s Ball) and starred academy award winners Helen Mirren, and Cuba Gooding Jr. She also produced the highly anticipated film, Mama, I Want to Sing! starring Lynn Whitfield and Ciara.

Britto attributes her firm’s success to an incredible gift of forensically examining a brand and discovering ways of ensuring that it resonates with its intended core consumer translating to heightened brand affinity. Under her guidance, exceeding expected boundaries is congruent with any brand that is privy to her pedigree. This highly coveted brand strategist is known for designing unique and innovative strategies, tailored for each brand or client she elects to work with. She attributes her creativity to her non-linear and divergent career choices. “My success in PR and Brand Architecture is the result of my diligent work ethic and the various paths that I have taken in life, coupled with the array of people that I have met along the way, which has made me a seasoned professional in a multitude of disciplines. I absorbed every experience like a sponge.” While Britto worked as a waiter, flight attendant, and sales professional, she honed her skills for a future in PR and branding, skills that now make her one of the most sought-after brand strategists in the industry. She is widely regarded and frequently called upon by all major media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, Newsweek, New York Daily News, New York Post, and The Los Angeles Times, to comment on corporate and entertainment trends and share branding insights.

The Britto Agency’s solid relationships within the corporate, entertainment, advertising, marketing and fashion industries are an integral part of the agency’s multifaceted approach to maximizing client visibility. Britto cherishes her strong family ties and strives to form similar bonds with all her clients creating a safe haven they can flourish in. Clients rely on Britto’s proven ability to leverage her relationships in a constant effort to develop organic synergies to create more innovative PR and marketing opportunities on their behalf.

Marvet Britto to date has been the only publicist to grace the resplendent cover of Essence Magazine covering their Hollywood Issue alongside award winning actors such as Ruby Dee and Jennifer Hudson. In July 2005 she received the prestigious NV Award for Women in Business and in May 2008 was awarded Ebony magazine’s Women in Communications Award.

All of her clients affirm that Britto is not only a change agent but also a true visionary whose instincts undoubtedly furthers careers and helps to achieve longevity in areas where many only gain limited, fleeting success. They affirm that she has been the light that has illuminated many to astounding success. They know that Britto follows her heart, has deafening passion and proffers limitless possibilities on their behalf. Britto says about her motivation, “I am blessed to have been chosen by my clients. Therefore, the commitment and energy that I convey is only an extension of my fervent desire to excel on their behalf.” Her willingness to travel into uncharted territories capturing perpetual evolution has become the hallmark of her firm and is what keeps The Britto Agency’s finger on the pulse of ever evolving and emerging trends while obtaining mammoth success.

The oracle remarks that her dedication to faith, values, and morals are what enable her to perform admirably in all spheres of business and life, allowing her penchant for perfection and passion for unquestionable excellence to propel careers, constantly funneling creative energy into celebrated winning strategies.